BOSCH DCN-WDD/Wireless Chairman unit


Product Description

To the participant the most important part of a conference system is the discussion unit. Bosch has built on the elegant design of the DCN Next Generation discussion units to create a new series of wireless discussion units with unrivalled looks and features.

Maximum speech intelligibility is guaranteed at all times. Operating in the 2.4 GHz (license free) band, the wireless discussion units produce crystal-clear sound due to a very high signal-to-noise ratio and antenna diversity. This means the signal is transmitted along different propagation paths, ensuring optimal receipt. The system is also protected against interference from other wireless equipment such as mobile phones, Bluetooth devices and WiFi networks.

Wireless communication means extra security considerations. The DCN Wireless system and discussion units therefore feature multiple-layer protection to prevent eavesdropping and unauthorized access. Digital protection ensures the information within the system remains confidential.

The DCN-WDD-D Wireless Dual Discussion Unit enables participants to speak, register a request-to-speak, and listen to the speaker.

A socket is provided to connect the pluggable microphones which are available in short and long stem versions (DCNMICS and DCN-MICL, to be ordered separately).

The unit also accommodates two separate headphone connections with individual volume control on either side of the unit, allowing one unit to serve two delegates. It can be converted to a full dual-use unit by eplacing the microphone button with two separate buttons for individual microphone control and individual delegate identification (DCN-DISBDD dual-use buttons, to be ordered separately).

To prevent acoustic feedback the built-in loudspeaker is muted when the microphone is on. If enabled, the headphones volume is also automatically reduced to prevent acoustic feedback when the microphone is on.

Different rims are available to allow matching with the interior (DCN-DISR, to be ordered separately).

The unit can be used as:

• a single delegate unit
• a dual delegate unit
• a chairman unit (DCN-DISBCM chairman buttons, to be ordered separately)
• a single delegate unit with auxiliary button (to be used as an usher call, for example).

Simple battery maintenance is essential in a wireless system. A unique feature of Bosch’s wireless discussion units are the separate rechargeable battery packs (DCNWLIION, to be ordered separately). These Lithium-ion battery packs can be removed and replaced in a matter of seconds, providing maximum flexibility in recharge scheduling.


• Two separate headphone connections with individual volume control
• Useable as single/dual delegate or chairman unit
• Separate battery pack, easy to change and charge
• Advanced power saving techniques
• Low susceptibility to electromagnetic interference
• Auto microphone-off
• Auto-search for own network
• Auto switch-off when out of range